Welcome to Nul Tien's technical "How To" blog

Welcome to Nul Tien's technical "How To" blog

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I am happy to announce the first in our series of blog articles about Microsoft’s cloud platform Azure and our aim is to lower the initial barrier for developers getting familiar with this great platform.

The topics we will cover are extracted from real life scenarios that we mastered, and problems which we have faced and overcome. Our intent is to write about our first-hand experience, as one developer helping another.

We will start from the web application security configuration on Azure and continue later with more topics.

In addition to our articles, we will often provide also a code sample which we will publish on our GitHub account (https://github.com/NulTien/ ).

Feel free to contact us in case of doubt or suggestion via email, or even better, by walking over to our office in Novi Beograd :)

As much as we will aim to provide a perfectly error free explanation and code samples, for sure it might happen that we go wrong, that things could have been done in a better way or there have been changes which make our explanations obsolete.

If you don't make mistakes, you're not working on hard enough problems. And that's a big mistake.” Frank Wilczek


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